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Board Member Profile

Nadine Shoukry

Internal Audit Consultant

Nadine Shoukry attended both Immaculate Heart Middle School and High School. From there, she went on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Loyola Marymount University. After graduating in 2000, Nadine started working at the Big Four public accounting firms in downtown Los Angeles, namely Arthur Andersen LLP and later KPMG LLP. She earned her CPA license in 2004. Always following her dreams, Nadine decided to move to work at KPMG LLP in Lyon, France where she remained for almost two years before deciding to accept a job offer received from a client, ITW Ltd. in London. ITW enabled Nadine to switch from the public accounting realm to private practice, and travel extensively throughout the world to their almost 900 business locations. After four years in London, Nadine left ITW to return to her native Los Angeles in 2010, where she currently remains an active CPA.

Why did you agree to serve on the Lucille Rader Education Foundation Board?

Lucille Rader taught me several English classes during my time at Immaculate Heart High School. Although she had a reputation for being (and was!) an incredibly tough teacher, she made sure you would learn as much as possible and encouraged you always to be the best that you could in life. Coupled with her passionate spirit and relentless motivation, she remains one of my absolute favorite teachers of all time.

Besides my admiration for Mrs. Rader as an exceptional human being, I also personally strongly believe in the education of everyone, particularly young women to be successful in life. Because I passionately believe in the cause of the Rader Foundation and giving back to Mrs. Rader after all she taught me through my growing years at IH and after, I am grateful for the opportunity to help her live out her goals at the Rader Foundation.

Nadine Shoukry