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Board Member Profile

Mary Anne Hedrick

Assistant Principal of Student Activities/Instructor of French (Retired)
La Reina High School

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Ms. Hedrick was raised in Southern California. After being educated at both Marymount High School and College, she studied for a teaching credential at Cal State Long Beach.  She has been teaching for 32 years in Ventura County and has two children, a son and a daughter.

Why did you agree to serve on the Lucille Rader Education Foundation Board?

I was honored when I was invited to serve on the Lucille Radar Education Foundation Board. In recent years I noticed that our athletes at La Reina are wonderfully disciplined young women who show excellent leadership and sportsmanship both on and off the playing field. Not long ago I found out that many of these girls have very high grade point averages which indicates to me that doing well in school is a high priority for them. Balancing sports and academics is not easy. What caught my interest was that this scholarship honors young women for being fine athletes and good students but also women of character. I am very pleased that the Foundation is extending this scholarship opportunity to our qualified young Catholic women.